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Our heavy cream has a cult-like following. Our chocolate milk is the post workout drink of national champions. Our raw milk boasts a natural bacteria count lower than what other brands achieve after processing. (*even though we don’t sell it raw) What makes our Monument Fresh Vermont milk so famous?

Our processing and distribution plant is a quarter mile from our farm. We can pick up our milk, process and package it, and have it on our delivery trucks the next day. 

Milk from larger companies is picked up from multiple farms (who knows where?) and waits at a co-op before it’s sold and shipped to a packaging plant. It then goes through processing and packaging, before being sent out for delivery. Turnaround is on average 4-5 days.

You can taste the difference.

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What's Cooking?

Fresh Recipes

The best thing about Vermont is that every town and every General Store is guaranteed to have a secret recipe that is irresistible! Andy Buxton has always used Monument Farms products to get the most out of his delicious recipes. Try your hand at their Roasted Garlic Potato soup recipe which is always a town favorite in Orwell, VT!

Taste it at Buxton’s Store, or make it to warm the family at home on a chilly Vermont night!

If it's not Monument Farms, we're not drinking it!


Customer, Fire & Ice Restaurant

Easy. Profitable. Fresh.

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